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The Online Master's Degree Course in Economics aims to enable students to acquire advanced knowledge in the field of economic theory and its applications, with particular regard to topics such as production and employment levels, income distribution, determination of prices, objectives and strategies of public intervention in Economics, as well as the analysis of economic policies in Italy and in Europe. In addition to the development and the deepening of the competences regarding economic issues, this course also provides mathematical and statistical-econometric tools that meet the needs of both the theoretical economic analysis and applied and empirical processing. This course trains professional figures connected to the field of analysis, research and documentation activities in public institutions such as central banks, research and statistic agencies, public administrations, trade associations (industrial associations, trade unions), credit institutions, medium and large companies, consulting firms, administrative and coordination activities in the categories of aforementioned subjects.

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Graduates in Economics may find employment in fields such as:

  • managerial positions;
  • business consultants;
  • economic business analysis and national/ international markets specialists;
  • applied researcher activities in public institutions as well as private companies.

Competencies acquired are a fundamental instrument for those who wish to work in companies from the public or private sector that deal with business and management. Career opportunities:

  • Public Administration & Management Control specialists;
  • Management and control specialists in private companies;
  • HR specialists;
  • Market relations specialists;
  • Specialists in economic science;
  • Researchers, technical graduates and other.

The municipality of Agerola has published a Call for Applications aimed at providing students who are resident in the Campania Region and interested in enrolling in one of the degree courses organised by Campus Principe di Napoli in Agerola, with scholarhip programms delivered by Università Telematica Pegaso and Mercatorum.

For further information, please call the toll-free number 800 72 12 12 or send an email at orientamento@campusprincipedinapoli.it